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You cannot hide your face. Your face is the face of your brand, and it says a lot about your confidence levels, self-esteem, and your age. Neglected skin appears old, and it is worse when you are an adult with adolescent-like acne-ridden skin. While there are several cases of acne that occurs naturally, most people with acne exacerbate the situation by eating all the wrong things.

The adage, you are what you eat holds true, and you can ask Chef KanidaChey for more information on this. Before we look at the foods that wreak havoc in your life and through your skin, let’s first look at the causes of acne.

Your skin has millions of pores which connect to oil glands, better known as the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands produce sebum and sebum reaches the skin’s surface through the follicles (thin channels on the skin). But, sebum isn’t bad – it gets rid of dead skin cells carrying them up and out to the surface of the skin. Hair grows through the follicles too.

When does acne occur? When the skin’s tiny pores get clogged with dead skin cell, bacteria, and excess oil, you get acne. Acne is rampant in puberty because that is the time when hormones stimulate production of excess oils.

There are three main forms of acne – whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

Effects of diet on the skin

The body tries regulating the levels of oil in the skin, but diet sabotages the efforts made by the body. Eating foods that cause a spike in sugar levels affects cell functions and increase the risk of acne because the high-sugar diet causes release of the hormone, insulin. Excess insulin isn’t a good thing because it forces the oil glands to release more oil resulting in a high risk of acne.

Foods to avoid

  • Foods with a high glycemic index

These foods break down too fast after ingestion and they trigger excessive insulin release. They also cause hormonal fluctuations and inflammation. These two increase the risk of acne. High glycemic foods include pasta, while cereals, pretzels, white cereals, cookies or cakes among others. Whole grains, sweet potatoes, and fruits have a low glycemic index.

You should also avoid junk food, too much sugar, and fast foods.

  • Coconut oil

It has healthy oils but excessive intake of coconut oils result in acne because it clogs pores on the skin. If you spot breakouts around your mouth after using coconut oil, then you should consider swapping for a healthier option like sunflower seed oil.

  • Dairy

Although dairy is an excellent source of calcium needed for the development of strong bones, it isn’t without faults. Dairy has acne-causing hormones. It may also cause a spike in the levels of testosterone whose spiraling down effects include skin breakouts.

  • Whey proteins

Some studies suggest that whey proteins have ingredients that increase your risk of getting acne.

Final Thoughts

A clear skin develops from the inside out so, what you eat will determine some of the things that appear on your skin. You should avoid highly processed foods and also foods rich in saturated fats as they offset the balance of hormones and oils in the body.

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