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postheadericon Do e-cigarettes have tar?

A World Health Organization (WHO) Report reveals that everyone in three adults’ smokes; and that China is the world’s major producer and consumer of cigarettes with more than 350 million people hooked onto the habit of smoking. The cigarette has approximately 4,000 chemicals in it, has nicotine that is known to cause cancer and even stains the teeth yellow.

With circumstances like these, some of the great minds in the world invented e-cigarettes for people who want to quit the harmful habit of smoking cigarettes but give in to the temptation every time they plan to. Television advertisements, social media promotion and ads on magazines have promoted them and are available easily. So much so, even teenagers have been reported to smoking the e-cigarette because it is alleged that it is devoid of tar, as is in the actual cigarette.

But what is the truth, really?

E-cigarettes are nothing but little pen-like devices that only vaporize the smoke and is just a different way of delivering the nicotine to the smoker. There is no actual smoke, as there is a propylene glycol fuel that is required by this e-cigarette to run on, which is battery charged.

Nevertheless, they are safer than actual cigarettes as they have zero tobacco in it; and since there is no tobacco in it, it leaves behind no tar. So, yes, e-cigarettes do not have tar. They are also devoid of the 4,000 chemicals found in actual cigarettes and don’t even stain your teeth.

However, not to rejoice yet, they sure are harmful as they contain nicotine which is the same ingredient that is found in actual cigarettes. Also, the darker side of nicotine is that it is essentially a poison and even small amounts of nicotine can be dangerous. Nicotine also is extremely addictive and prolonged use of nicotine can harm the lung tissues and cells. It not only acts as a poison for the lung tissues but also aids in inflammation of the of the lung tissue. Not to forget, the solvents, propylene glycol and diethylene glycol are toxic for the human body.

So basically, no, e-cigarettes don’t have tar but are equally harmful as the actual cigarette.